Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”


The way people learn here at School of the World is really interesting to watch. Maybe it is because most are learning to do a new skill that they really enjoy. Most people’s preconcieved notions of vacation and school are antonyms, but those that come to this school find out that learning while on vacation affords the opportunity to redefine the meaning of the word student and even lets them reinvent themselves.

costa rica spanish blogAt School of the World, our teachers, Laura and Mayela, both are native Costa Ricans and make Spanish immersion fun.  They even devote some time to “tico” phrases (the local slang). It is great seeing students find every opportunity they can to somehow incorporate their new favorite slang into their speech!

Learning begins to take on a new form in this informal environment when studying hard means flipping through spanish verbs poolside while painting yourself with the color of the warm Costa Rican sunshine.

When you go on vacation and come home with a new language you retain more than just the fond memory of your travels. You have opened the door to communication with new people and the culture they come from. You have expanded your world and inspired growth within yourself.




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