Costa Rica Learning Vacations

Five reasons you should take a Costa Rica learning vacation.

5 Reasons to Take a Costa Rica Learning Vacation

More and more people are looking to get more out of their vacation than just time away from work. Instead of using time off to laze away days in an all-inclusive resort or hopping from one tourist spot to the next, travelers are increasingly looking to learn valuable new skills while exploring a new locale.

Read on for five reasons you should take a Costa Rica learning vacation.

Boost your resume. One of the easiest ways to get ahead at work is to learn a second language. Bilingual workers are in demand now more than ever and according to, employers are willing to pay for it—workers with bilingual skills earn 5-20% more per hour than their unilingual counterparts. By taking Spanish classes in Costa Rica, you can learn Spanish in it’s native environment, gain a deeper understanding for the country, and come home with marketable skills to add to your resume.

Learn a new sport. Costa Rica is home to year-round consistent waves, making it an ideal destination for learning how to surf. Whether you’ve surfed before and just need a refresher, or if you’ve never even touched a board before, there is a Costa Rica surfing lesson for you. Those looking to incorporate another mind-body pursuit into their vacation schedule can opt for a Costa Rica yoga retreat. Taken together, yoga can help to accelerate progress on the waves, ensuring the most out of your vacation time. If you’d like to focus instead on just yoga, you can deepen your understanding of this ages-old art while practicing both in a studio and in the serene natural landscapes of Costa Rica.

Take better vacation photos. When taking a learning vacation in Costa Rica, you’ll see the country through a different lens and be able to capture photos pleasantly devoid of typical tourist photography hang-ups. Take it a step further by adding a Costa Rica photography bootcamp to your schedule, and learn to see the beauty in everyday life, and how to turn those moments into frame-worthy photos.

Feel accomplished. Whether you pursue surfing lessons, go on a yoga retreat, take a photography workshop or learn Spanish, you’ll leave Costa Rica with a sense of accomplishment you’ve never felt from any vacation you’ve ever taken before. It doesn’t matter if you have one week or one month, dedicating time to expanding your mind and skill set while immersed in a new culture will give you a sense of pride.

Make lasting memories. You may not always remember your trip to that “must-see” museum, or what you ate at that trendy restaurant with the miles-long waiting list. But chances are you will remember trying out your newly-learned Spanish phrases in a local village, or finding your center at a yoga retreat on the beach. By taking a learning vacation in Costa Rica, you’ll experience a different side of the country—one that’s far from the tourist trail. You’ll expand your mind and your skill set while also living in the culture, giving you a different perspective than those that just visit for the sun and sand.

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