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Learning GoPro in Costa Rica

Learning the GoPro Hero 3 in Costa Rica

As I’ve mentioned before, one big perk of this job is being able to learn a lot of the ...

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learning Spanish Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica at SOTW

Have you ever thought about learning a second language, but just never made the time to actually do it?  To ...

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Jack Albritton

Once Upon a Time, in the Land of Pura Vida

The new website will be launching soon and one of our chief objectives is to introduce you to the cast ...

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furniture school of the world costa rica1

Upcycled Improvements at School of the World Costa Rica

When improvements, repairs and upgrades need to be made at the School of the World, the staff is always thinking ...

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SOTW yoga retreat Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat – 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga

“Yoga is the fountain of youth. You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.” Bob Harper If you ...

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