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Spanish School Costa Rica- Making Gallo Pinto at School of the World

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica- Gallo Pinto Recipe

Local food is one of the greatest discoveries when traveling. Spanish immersion programs in Costa Rica, like ours at School ...

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School of the World students

Why do Spanish Immersion Programs Work?

Spanish immersion programs are a great way to learn because you learn and practice constantly throughout the day.  The limited ...

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hangout area at the school of the world

New Lounge Area at the School

We are proud to announce the new lounge area at the School of the World Costa Rica.  The outside area ...

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spanish students learn to dance salsa

Study Spanish in Costa Rica and Dance Salsa

Our Spanish instructors know how to liven things up and make learning fun when you study Spanish in Costa Rica.  ...

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learning Spanish Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica at SOTW

Have you ever thought about learning a second language, but just never made the time to actually do it?  To ...

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