Costa Rica Surf Camp Interview: Head Instructor Ricardo

Teachers hold such an important place in this world. Imparting the knowledge one posseses to another can be a difficult task- especially when the classroom is one of mother natures most powerful creations, the ocean. School of the World is lucky to have some of the most highly trained and experienced surf camp/ surf school instructors in Costa Rica. I sat down with head surf instructor Ricardo and asked him a few questions:

Galit: What made you start surfing?

surfinstructorcostaricaRicardo: Actually it was a picture I saw of Kelly Slater on a backside barrel when I was 12 years old.
G: What do you like most about teaching surfing?
R: I think what I like best about teaching is knowing that I am responsible for someone else having started surfing (he laughs). I like to think that because of me there is another great surfer in the world!
G: So you have contributed to the surfing community?
R: Yes, exactly.
G: What do you like most about teaching surfing at School of the World?
R: It sounds kind of corny but I like that my work feels like my family, so everyday I get to go do what I love with my family!
G: What do you love most about surfing?
R: Barrels. No, actually I love the simplicity of just the surfboard and the waves. When you catch a great wave there is nothing else that matters in the world. Its just you, your board, and the wave.
G: Lastly, what is the most important thing you tell your surf school students in the water?
R: Paddle out! (he laughs) No, I think the most important thing I tell my students in the water is not to paddle out directly behind someone else. That’s a big no-no. Getting hit by someone else’s board is no fun.
costa rica surf instructor ricardoWhen you are learning to surf the bond you form with your instructor becomes sacred; they are your guides to the mysteries of ocean waves and a whole new lifestyle. Your surf instructor is there talking you back into your calm place when you have been tossed around in the washing-machine-like force after you have wiped out on a big wave, and they are there for you pumping their fists in the air with pure pride after you have caught an amazing wave and rode it all the way to the shore. They are your safety, your security, and your cheering section.

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