Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your Costa Rica yoga retreat.

4 Keys to Learning Yoga in Costa Rica

To release stress. To find your center somewhere new. To learn a new skill that will be a part of your life long after your vacation ends. There are a lot of reasons to learn yoga in Costa Rica. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you can make the most of your Costa Rica yoga retreat.

Choose your yoga type.
From Ashtanga to Vinyasa, there are many different types of yoga. While most styles are based on the same basic poses, each style has its own emphasis. Choosing your yoga type will have a lot to do with personal preference. Many beginners like to start with Hatha yoga. The term encompasses many types of yoga, but generally refers to a more gentle, slower paced routine, making it an ideal introductory style. If you prefer more movement, try a Vinyasa class instead. Vinyasa, also a general term for a variety of classes, embodies a more vigorous style. Here, movements are synchronized with the breath and typically include a series of movements called Sun Salutations.

Find a class that matches your skill set.
It might sound simple, but we’re going to say it anyway—begin at the beginning. Many students get anxious and want to enroll in an advanced class before they’ve ever even unrolled their mat for the first time. Skipping over introductory classes might sound harmless, but it can lead to frustration, and in some cases, injury. Take the time to learn yoga properly, and to let your body adjust to the poses and movements practiced so you can grow your skill level with time.

Focus on form.
One of the main benefits of attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica is having a skilled teacher show you proper form. While in class, keep your eyes on your instructor and copy their movements, not the actions of your fellow classmates. Your instructor may approach you to correct your form—don’t be discouraged. Instead, use this feedback to better your practice. When you’re back home without a teacher to ensure proper alignment, try practicing in front of a mirror. With practice comes strength, and soon your body will hit the poses you learned at your yoga retreat in Costa Rica without much additional effort.

Remember to breathe.
Translating literally as “to extend the vital life force,” Pranayama, or yoga breathing, is a vital part of yoga practice. A skilled instructor can teach you how to control your breathing to create a rhythm of slow, deep breaths that can deepen the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Learn Yoga in Costa Rica
At School of the World, we offer a variety of approaches, including Iyengar based Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Anusara based classes. Our yoga classes take place both in our studio, as well as in the stunning natural landscape of Costa Rica. Attend one of our yoga retreats in Costa Rica, or combine yoga classes with other pursuits, like surfing, photography, or Spanish classes, to make the most of your stay.

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