time for surf lessons in Costa Rica

While other surf spots suffer from off-seasons, consistent year-round swells make Costa Rica one of the best places to learn how to surf.

When is the Best Time to Take Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

When planning a vacation, timing is everything. Weather, crowds, festivals, hotel rates and room availability for most destinations revolve around the calendar and the changing of the seasons. Most travelers plan their trips during peak season, when weather is typically pleasant, while others patiently wait for the shoulder seasons, when the crowds begin to thin.

For travelers looking to hit the outdoors for surfing lessons, timing is particularly important. Changes in weather brought about by different seasons make a big impact on tide conditions, wave shapes and consistency.

So, when is the best time to take surfing lessons in Costa Rica? The answer: Any time. While other surf spots suffer from off-seasons, consistent swells make Costa Rica one of the best places to learn how to surf, no matter the time of year.

Seasons in Costa Rica
While surfing conditions are good throughout the year, Costa Rica still has seasons—namely, two: the dry season and the rainy season.

The dry season runs from December through April and is also known as Costa Rica’s summer. This is the high season and is typically when tourists come to the country, escaping the northern latitude’s colder temperatures. Local schools in Costa Rica are closed from December to February, meaning kids flock to the beach towns, especially on weekends. Crowds should also be expected over the holidays—Christmas, New Year’s and Easter week.

The rainy season (also referred to as winter, or the “green season”) runs from May until the end of November. The early months, from May until August, are also a great time to visit Costa Rica. During this time, the temperatures are still hot, but the real heavy rains haven’t yet begun, and the crowds are noticeably lighter.

Where to take surfing lessons in Costa Rica
The rainy season, from late June to October, also brings increased swells and larger, faster waves to the Pacific coast. The Caribbean side sees better waves from November through May, though several areas offer consistent year-round breaks.

One of those areas is the area surrounding Jaco Beach.

Surfing Lessons in Jaco, Costa Rica
Located on the Central Pacific Coast, Jaco offers consistent year-round waves that are ideal for learning how to surf. With miles of surf spanning a variety of swells, surfers of all abilities are drawn here. First-time surfers can get their feet wet at Playa Jaco, where smaller, friendlier waves live. Surfers looking for something a little more hardcore can head a few miles south to Playa Hermosa, where seasoned veterans gather for the consistently large and powerful breaks.

Another draw for visitors to the Jaco area is its easy accessibility. Just two hours from San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital (and largest) city, Jaco is an easy escape for city dwellers and international travelers.

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