Trade the sound of honking car horns for waves scraping sand at a Costa Rica yoga retreat.

Fight Stress and Find Serenity with a Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Relationships, traffic, your job—there are a lot of things that contribute stress to everyday life. Unfortunately, many of these stressors are unavoidable. But while you may not have the luxury to quit your job or bypass that pileup on the interstate, you can learn effective ways to fight back.

Our suggestion? Trade the sound of honking car horns for waves scraping sand at a Costa Rica yoga retreat.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is a balance between the physical body and the mind, achieved through relaxation, controlled breathing and stretching exercises. Studies have proven yoga to be effective at combatting anxiety, stress and depression.

In 2005, a study looked at 24 women who diagnosed themselves as “emotionally distressed.” Half of the group were prescribed two 90-minute yoga classes a week for three months. The other half, the control group, maintained their normal routines. The results? At the end of the three months, the yoga group reported improvements in perceived stress, depression, energy, anxiety, fatigue and general well-being. The group’s depression decreased by 50-percent, anxiety was reduced by 30-percent, and their overall well-being improved by 65-percent. What’s more, the yoga group also experienced a reduction in headaches and back pain, and reported better quality of sleep.

Yoga is also a powerful tool for building flexibility, balance and strength—cornerstones for other physical pursuits and overall health.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat
Everyone from a true beginner to a seasoned yogi can benefit from attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Newbies can learn the foundations, alignment and proper positioning of this ancient practice, while the more experienced can deepen their knowledge by taking advanced classes.

While Hatha Yoga is the most popular branch of yoga, other approaches can be found at Costa Rica yoga retreats. At School of the World, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Anusara-based classes are taught as well as Iyengar-based Hatha Yoga.

Why Costa Rica?
Sure, you could take a class at a local studio, or try to follow along at home with a DVD. But why not learn how to quiet your mind with Child’s Pose in paradise? Shrug off your daily stresses and head to the sun, surf, and laid-back vibes of Costa Rica.

At School of the World, we have a yoga studio, but also utilize the natural surroundings found here for classes. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit by learning yoga while surrounded by the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s stunning beaches and serene jungles.

Expand Your Horizons
At School of the World, we offer week-long, as well as multi-week yoga retreats. Schedules are arranged so guests here can immerse themselves in the art of yoga, but still have time to explore Costa Rica. We also offer other programs that can easily be combined with a yoga retreat. Learn Spanish, pick up some new photography techniques, or use your new-found balance and strength to learn how to surf.

Want to learn more about Costa Rica yoga retreats? Check out School of the World’s yoga workshops and don’t miss our video interview with yoga instructor Alejandra. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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