What is the best place for surf lessons in Costa Rica?

What is the Best Place for Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

Sure, you might see sun bathers slathering on the SPF or picnic-goers enjoying a bite on the sand at Playa Jaco, but that’s not why most people come here. The main draw is surfing, and for good reason.

Located on the Central Coast, Playa Jaco and its surrounding area is one of the best places for surfing lessons in Costa Rica. With arguably the most consistent, year-round swells found in the country — not to mention water that’s always warm — it’s always surfing season here.

The Jaco area also boasts miles of surf that spans a variety of swells coming from almost any direction, making it a magnet for both beginners and more advanced students looking for lessons. Luckily, even with its popularity, there are so many peaks that it’s easy to find an uncrowded spot to catch waves no matter the time of year.

Best Beaches for Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica

For Beginners: Playa Jaco
Never been on a board before? Surfed a few times but looking for a refresher? The smaller, friendlier waves found on the southern end of Playa Jaco are ideal for learning the basics of paddling, standing and turning, along with other fundamental skills, like wave selection.

The atmosphere in Jaco, both on and off the beach, is also a reason why surfers from all over the world flock here. Take a walk down Jaco’s main street and you’ll immediately be enveloped by a community of surfer-friendly shops, hotels and restaurants.

For Experienced Surfers: Playa Hermosa
Looking for something a little more hardcore? Playa Hermosa, just a few miles south of Jaco, is known for its consistently large and powerful breaks, making it a draw for seasoned veterans and those ready to take their surfing lessons to the next level.

But inexperienced surfers should consider themselves warned; the surf here is serious, with monster waves and strong rip tides, meaning you better be prepared before you hit the water. The power of the breaks here is one of the reasons Playa Hermosa has been the stage for international surfing competitions, such as the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games.

Why Do I Need Surfing Lessons?
Costa Rica — with its laid-back atmosphere and tropical waters — could lure anyone into renting a board and trying their luck on the waves. But learning how to safely handle a surfboard and navigate current rips is important. Surfing lessons also teach you how to choose the best waves, how to reach wave breaks, and how to position your body and feet for maximum balance and control.

For surfers who already have the basics down, there are still plenty of reasons to take surfing lessons in Costa Rica. Tide, wind, season, time of day, swell direction — all of these elements must harmonize in order to get great results on the water. A knowledgeable local instructor can help to elevate your surfing to the next level.

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