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Costa Rica Surf Camp Essentials

So you've booked yourself a plane ticket, you're headed to a Costa Rica surf camp and you can't figure out ...

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Ehab Costa Rica surf school

New Costa Rica Surf Camp Program Coordinator

We are very pleased to introduce our recently new Costa Rica surf camp program coordinator Ehab.  Ehab, like our previous ...

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Video review Costa Rica Surf Camp

Costa Rica Surf Camp Tips- 5 Most Common Rookie Surfing Mistakes

Today's post is about five of the most common mistakes that we see beginners make while learning to surf in ...

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spanish and surf in costa rica

Surf and Spanish in Costa Rica

Although it is quite common to find combination programs in 2014, School of the World was the first to offer ...

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Caliche surfing playa Escondida, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surf Camp Tips: Local Surf Breaks of the Central Pacific Coast

Costa Rica is famous for it's variety of great surf all over the country. For those considering a Costa Rica ...

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