Jaco Activities- Best Tours in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco Activities

Our guests here at School of the World stay pretty busy learning to surf, speak Spanish, take better photos, and practice yoga, but that isn’t all there is to do around here! There are a lot of great Jaco activities and tours, and a popular question for I get asked all the time is “What are the best/most popular excursions to do while I am there?” As such, I have taken a moment to list the five most requested/popular excursions offered locally near Jaco and the School of the World:

  1. Crocodile River Boat Tour

costa rica croc tourOne of the most popular and best rated tours around is the Crocodile tour. This tour will take you down the river of Tarcoles, which is home to one of the largest concentrations of American crocodiles in the world. The seasoned guides will point out all kinds of animal life, from the Jesus Lizard (a lizard that can run on top of water) to the biggest crocodile in the river who is affectionately known as “Osama Bin Laden”. This is a great tour for those who are taking the photography workshop as the up-close-and-personal pictures you will get of these crocodiles can give National Geographic a run for their money. The fearless guides trek barefoot into the water and deliver chicken to scaly river dwellers and manage to walk away each time with all their limbs!

2. Canopy (Zip lining) Tour

For those brave souls who aren’t plagued by a fear of heights (and even for those who are) the Canopy tour through the treecosta rica zipline tops is one of the most exhilarating and memorable tours you can take while in Costa Rica. What better way to see wildlife than soaring through the tree tops with the ease of a monkey or a bird? Aside from making friends with the local monkeys who are affectionately referred to as “Banditos” (reflecting their mischievous nature and pension for getting into tourists’ bags and away with their snacks!) you will be privy to some breathtaking views of Costa Rica’s lush flora. If you are really brave, towards the end they will let you zip line upside down! What a great opportunity to practice the skills you have been acquiring in your yoga classes in Costa Rica!


3. Sea Kayaking

costa rica sea kayakOn this tour get ready to use the arm muscles you have been building from learning to surf in Costa Rica! The tour includes approximately 3 hours of sea kayaking against a backdrop of picturesque mountain scenery. This tour takes you to a secluded little beach where you can refresh your palette with an array of fresh tropical fruits and get on some snorkel gear! Lots of sea life, from a wide variety of tropical fish to rays and sea turtles are frequently spotted on this tour.



4. Horseback/Hike/Waterfall Tour

On this tour you can explore the rainforest on a trusty steed. You don’t need any previous horseback riding experience, just awaterfall hike costa rica relaxed sense of trust for these gentle giants. Once you have dismounted the horses you have the option to relax by the fresh, cool waterfall or hike up a bit more to a bigger waterfall you can swim in. Between the wildlife, horseback riding, waterfalls and hiking, you will certainly leave with a smile on your face!

While you may not have time for all of these tours during your stay at School of the World any one of them will enhance your time in Costa Rica and leave you with precious memories (and great pictures) for years to come!


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