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What is the Best Place for Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

Sure, you might see sun bathers slathering on the SPF or picnic-goers enjoying a bite on the sand at Playa ...

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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica: Top 6 Tips for Learning Spanish

Learning to speak Spanish is learning to understand a culture. Once you have mastery and understanding of a language the ...

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Costa Rica Surf School Basics: The Wipeout

The term wipe out connotes an air of failure. At many a surf competition you will hear the commentator yell " ...

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Tasty Tropical Fruits in Costa Rica

It always blows me away when I hear someone say that they don't like fruit. Granted I grew up as ...

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Meet Our Newest Family Member: Spanish Teacher Lucia

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest family member, Lucia. Lucia, or Lu as she prefers, is our lovely ...

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