Meet Our Newest Family Member: Spanish Teacher Lucia

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest family member, Lucia. Lucia, or Lu as she prefers, is our lovely new Spanish teacher who in collaboration with Laura will be leading our Spanish immersion program here at the school.

Lu is a native Costa Rican who grew up in San Jose. I asked Lu why she was inspired to teach and she effervescently explained that she enjoys working with other people, sharing in their triumphs and successes as they grow both as students and people. She then paused and said reflectively, “It isn’t just my students who learn, I learn from them as well”.

spanish teacher luciaLu speaks English with such perfection that her accent is barely detectable. It only makes sense that she has experience teaching English as well. She studied English at the University of Costa Rica and taught both English and Spanish classes full time at the well known language school Intensa for two years. Spanish Lou claims her favorite part of teaching is when her students are very engaged with learning-“when they are enthusiastic about learning as a teacher you feel like you can really impact them in a positive way” she says with a kind smile.

It would be easy to merely boast about Lu’s teaching capabilities, but the girl is a jack of all trades. In her spare time she likes to keep busy with athletics. “I love all sports” she proclaims jauntily as she lists everything from mountain biking to dancing both ballet and salsa as athletic activities she enjoys. “I like to surf too, but I am not that good yet- I am still learning!” she says with a sparkle of determination flashing across her eyes. (Working at a great surf school will definitely help!)

Despite her busy days, Lu finds time in the evenings to volunteer with a group called Christian Surfers. “The group gives young people a place to go and things to do in the evening, they watch surf videos and have a snack. Its just something to keep them engaged in positive activities” Lu explains this in a manner which denotes how strongly she feels about the programs importance.

Lu is joining our professional family as a Spanish instructor, but it is clear that the ability to teach Spanish will not be the only thing she adds to our already diverse and talented family. Along with her many interests and abilities Lu will be adding her lovely positive energy to our family here at School of the World. On behalf of both students and staff it is my great pleasure to welcome her aboard!



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