Costa Rica Spanish School for Bilingual Mastery

With travel and the internet the world is a much smaller place today and being bilingual is a skill that ...

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SOTW Spanish school in Costa Rica

More than just a Costa Rica Spanish School

A Costa Rica Spanish School is a great way to spend a vacation but how does one go about choosing ...

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Donavon F surf Jaco Costa Rica

Donavon Frankenreiter plays the Billabong Surf Fest in Jaco, Costa Rica

This past weekend Playa Jaco, Costa Rica played host to the Billabong Festival de Surf, which was a two day ...

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the lonely men's island costa rica vacation read

Five Great Books for a Costa Rica Vacation

A good book or two is a must when lounging around the pool or on a beautiful tropical beach.  And ...

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furniture school of the world costa rica1

Upcycled Improvements at School of the World Costa Rica

When improvements, repairs and upgrades need to be made at the School of the World, the staff is always thinking ...

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