Yoga and surf Costa Rica

By attending a yoga surf camp in Costa Rica, students can develop their skills faster and gain a more meaningful understanding.

Better Together: Yoga Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Some things just go together—peanut butter and jelly, a hammer and nails, and yes, yoga and surfing. While the two may seem like an unlikely pair at first, the truth is there are many ways that practicing yoga and surfing simultaneously can deepen the understanding and achievements of each individual pursuit.

By attending a yoga surf camp in Costa Rica, students can develop their skills faster and gain a more meaningful understanding. The combination has proven so symbiotic, even world champion surfers have taken to the mat to up their game.

Read on for a list of ways yoga and surfing go hand in hand.

Strength. It’s obvious that you need muscle strength to ride the waves, and yoga can help to build that strength. Yoga also focuses on a series of poses, or asanas, which are typically held for a length of time. Having practice holding stances can be invaluable on the water.

Flexibility. Yoga is an excellent way to increase flexibility, allowing surfers to reach places on waves that before seemed impossible. Flexibility is also important when surfing to help avoid injury and can lead to fewer wipeouts. Many surfers also use yoga as a stretching routine before they enter the water.

Focus. One of the major benefits of yoga, besides physical strength and agility, is its ability to calm and focus your mind. Quieting your mind and tuning in to your surroundings can help you read the waves—which are essentially constant spontaneous movement—and make you a better surfer. Those who practice both yoga and surfing have noted that both pursuits have a similar “in the moment” awareness.

Breathing. One of yoga’s main components is its focus on breathing to cleanse the body and clear the mind. These breathing exercises can be utilized off the mat, and can lead to a more relaxed breathing style and an increased lung capacity, as well as sharpened focus.

The ability to practice yogic breathing can also be used during the long lulls in activity. As you’re waiting on the water for the perfect wave, yogic breathing can help to connect you with your surroundings and nature in a form of focused meditation.

Yoga Surf Camp in Costa Rica

At School of the World, we offer Yoga Surf camps that range from one week to four weeks and beyond. During their time here, students spend 2 hours each day (Monday through Friday), surfing and 1.5 hours each day (Monday through Friday) practicing yoga. Since surfing is a sport that is determined by ocean and weather conditions, we tailor each schedule to take full advantage of the best times of day, both on the water and on the mat.

Want to learn more about Yoga Surf Camps in Costa Rica? Check out our Surfing and Yoga Programs. And don’t forget to keep up with the latest school happenings by following us on Facebook and Twitter!


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