Yoga Vacation Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yoga Vacation

A Costa Rica Yoga Vacation is a great way to enhance your experience at the School of the World.  Yoga ...

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Costa Rica Surf Lesson on Beach

Learning to Surf in Costa Rica – Step by Step

Learning to surf in Costa Rica is much easier when learning from a surf crew with a systematic, step by ...

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learning spanish at the farmer's market

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica with Fun Labs

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is not all about sitting in a classroom and memorizing countless words, verbs and concepts.  ...

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street art Costa Rica

Recent Design Projects at School of the World

We are always upgrading and improving the facilities and common areas at the School of the World so that we ...

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Learning GoPro in Costa Rica

Learning the GoPro Hero 3 in Costa Rica

As I’ve mentioned before, one big perk of this job is being able to learn a lot of the ...

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