surf and yoga camp Costa Rica

10 Best Yoga Poses for Surfers

What have professional surfers like 11 time World Champion Kelly Slater, women's pioneer Rochelle Ballard and the king of Pipeline ...

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GoPro course Costa Rica

Ten Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

The powerful but small GoPro Point-Of-View cameras have become a common site amongst adventure seekers and travelers alike. In addition ...

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2014 World Cup Costa Rica

Costa Rica takes the 2014 World Cup by Storm

Costa Rica, a small country of only 4 million, has taken the World Cup by storm over these last two ...

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GoPro Course

Learning GoPro in Costa Rica with SOTW

Have you ever dreamed of filming and making your own movies?  In the past you would have needed a cumbersome, ...

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Yoga Vacation Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yoga Vacation

A Costa Rica Yoga Vacation is a great way to enhance your experience at the School of the World.  Yoga ...

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