Read on as we set the record straight and dispel some of the myths surrounding surf camp in Costa Rica.

4 Costa Rica Surf Camp Myths

People from all over the world come to Costa Rica for sun, sand and surf. Many choose to attend a Costa Rica surf camp, but some have preconceived ideas about learning to surf. Read on as we set the record straight and dispel some of the myths.

MYTH #1: You don’t need surfing lessons. Sure, you might have a friend who is a decent surfer. Maybe he’s even offered to take you out on the waves and show you a thing or two. But it’s likely your friend isn’t going to have the patience and the time to dedicate to teaching you a new sport. Professional instructors are more likely to have more experience (if not in years, than in the variety of conditions they’ve encountered) than even the most well-meaning of friends. Another plus to seeking out a knowledgable instructor: a teacher will know how to teach and focus on information vital to those learning the sport (and know how to get them over any hang-ups or through any rough spots). 

MYTH #2: Size doesn’t matter (when it comes to choosing a surfboard). Before you walk into a surf shop and buy your board based on color scheme and looks alone, know this: the size of your surfboard is important, especially for beginners. The exact size of your board will depend on your height and weight but all beginners should start with a board that is both big and thick. Longer, wider boards are more stable and are more suitable for those learning the craft. Beginners might also want to get a board made from foam, which offers extra buoyancy. So what if the cool surfers have small, narrow boards. You’ll get there in time. (Which brings us to our next myth…)

MYTH #3: You’ll look cool right away. You may think that all you need to do is buy a board and you’ll automatically look as cool as Patrick Swayze in “Point Break.” But the truth is you’re going to have to put in a lot of hard work (and maybe grow your hair out) if that’s your goal. Just like anything else in life, getting good at surfing takes patience and perseverance. You’ll get knocked down, wipe out, and you might even feel like you want to give up. But if you work hard and keep getting back on the board, you’ll only get better and better.

MYTH #4: You have to be a complete beginner to take surfing lessons. While many students who attend a Costa Rica surf camp have never handled a surf board before, it’s not uncommon for more experienced students to come for a tune-up. Surfers who haven’t been on the water for a while, or who are just unfamiliar with the surf conditions found in Costa Rica can learn more about the country and the best spots to catch some waves by taking classes and talking to the school’s resident experts. At School of the World, we offer surfing lessons for beginners, as well as for intermediate and advanced students.

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