Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica- A Trip to the Local Fruit Market

One of the biggest perks to learning Spanish in Costa Rica is the ability to truly experience Spanish immersion. Spanish immersion is not simply limited to being surrounded by the Spanish language- it is also the ability to be fully immersed in Costa Rican culture.costaricaspanishimmersion1

Part of the fun involved with learning what each fruit is in Spanish is getting to put that knowledge to use when our Spanish teachers take the students to the local fruit market on Fridays. There students not only get to pick out the sweetest pineapples, or piñas, but learn to ask for them in Spanish. The local vendors don’t speak much English and students find themselves motivated to buy their scrumptious fruits and vegetables by asking for them in Spanish.



There is something incredibly rewarding about being able to converse with the locals in their native tounge. It is even more rewarding when you see how appreciative they are that you are trying to learn their language. However, the best reward for a Spanish class field trip to the local fruit market is being able to enjoy the delicious, freshest fruits and vegetables you have probably ever tasted!

learnspanishcostaricaTo get a small taste of the experience we have composed a brief video of fruit names in Spanish. Enjoy!













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