New Costa Rica Workshops for 2012

Hello friends and family!

We are starting off the 2012 with some new features for our guests. In addition to our regular Surf, Spanish, Yoga, and Photography programs we will also be offering one-day “a la carte” workshops and tours that change from week to week. We have a new chalkboard wall outside the office where we post the upcoming week’s tours and workshop options. We have used our pull with the tour operators to get the best prices in town for our guests. Tour options include kayaking, white-water rafting, crocodile river tour, stand up paddleboarding, ATV riding, canopy tours, and more. Our one-day workshops usually run about 2 hours in duration and are great supplements to our regular programs. The prices are very reasonable, usually ranging from $15 to $20 per person per class. Workshop options include Salsa dancing, Photoshop skills, surf balance training, yoga and meditation, capoeira, and more.

workshops costa rica


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