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monkeying around at surf school costa rica animals

Day in the Life- Surf Camp + Photography at School of the World Costa Rica

Now that I’m Program Coordinator, I hear from a lot of people that are curious about a typical "day ...

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Costa Rica street photography

Costa Rica Photography School: Street Photography

ne of the most rewarding—and intimidating—types of photography is street photography. When traveling, taking photos of people native ...

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Costa Rica Photography Class: How to Take Beach Photographs

Costa Rica’s natural beauty has long been a muse for the creative set. Photographers are drawn here by the ...

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Take Better Vacation Photos with a Costa Rica Photography Workshop

A blurry street scene, a dimly-lit group shot, a poorly-framed picture of a half-eaten dinner. For many, these are the ...

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Intermediate Photography Workshop Tips: The Backlit Portrait

Getting great shots shooting into the sun requires switching over to the manual settings on your camera. You will be ...

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