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Why not practice yoga in Costa Rica with us on your next vacation?

Yoga is Growing at School of the World Costa Rica

The yoga classes have definitely been growing at School of the World Costa Rica over the last six months or so.  In the seven months that I have been practicing here I have seen the classes go from 4 or 5 people to the studio being full.  The instructors are very good about positioning people in class so that everyone has plenty of space to practice.

Drop in on a Yoga Class

Besides the students that are registering for yoga when they book their reservations at the school, there is also a consistent amount of dropins each week.  Once students hear the buzz from others about our wonderful instructors they want to see what it is all about.  And once they do a class they tend to come back each day for the remainder of their visit.  You might not want to rely on being able to drop in though as there are weeks when there is no space left.  So play it safe and book yoga when you register for a session at the school.

Great Instructors lead to Full Classes

Just why, you may wonder, are the yoga classes so popular at the School of the World?  That would be attributed to the yoga teachers.  They are all highly qualified, have strong practices of their own and mix the classes up each day to fit the students needs.  Many of the students in the yoga classes are also at the school for surfing and that is taken into account.  They have some great postures for relieving those aching shoulders from paddling for waves.  Alejandra and Cataline split the teaching duties, with Rachel filling in when they are away.  Alejandra is currently in India, where she goes every year to deepen her own practice and her understanding of yoga.  Stay tuned for some interesting stories about her time there when she returns next month.  In the meantime we are in good hands with Catalina and Rachel.  Catalina will push you to your limit in many of the asanas and Rachel also provides a very challenging class.

Yoga for all Levels

The instructors do a great job of offering variations for all yoga poses which make the classes suitable for yogis of all levels, including beginners.  They always ask about injuries and can even do work arounds for people with trouble areas.  Special care is given to make sure students have the right body alignment in all the poses.  Just a gentle touch is all that is needed most times to show you this alignment and once you feel it you will be able to perform the pose correctly.

Reasons to Practice Yoga

If you have never practiced yoga before, a learning vacation to Costa Rica might be just the place to start. There are so many reasons to practice yoga.  Yoga helps to relieve stress, improve flexibility, promote better circulation, sleep better, breathe better and much more.  Most people have very busy lives and don’t take the time to take care of themselves.  Taking the time to go to your yoga mat for an hour and a half can bring balance into your day.

We are excited about the direction our yoga program is headed and would like to invite you to join us.  We will be offering workshops in the future such as yoga for surfers and meditation.  Check back with us soon as we look forward to Alejandra sharing her most recent experiences in India.  Learn more about Yoga Vacations in Costa Rica .

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