Surfline surf report Costa Rica

Receive an SMS alert from Surfline when the waves reach a certain height at your local break.

Surf Report from Surfline with SMS Alert from your Local Break

The IFTTT community has teamed up with Surfline to offer a template that sends an SMS alert to surfers when the waves hit a specific height at a specified beach or break.  So what is IFTTT?  IFTTT is a way to integrate Surfline with an SMS.  Literally IFTTT means if this then that.  They have what they call recipes and you can set up your particular recipe through this service.

Some popular recipes give you the option to get a phone call when a particular surf spot is really good, keep track of a spot’s daily surf into a Google spreadsheet or email your friends a surf report when a particular spot is going off.  See all the options available at IFTTT/Surfline.

Never miss a swell again at your favorite spot.  Of course you can go online, surf around and figure out what is going on with the waves.  But how nice is it to have regular updates set to your specifications?  Plus you can share with friends.  In the age of technology where we always have a computer in front of us, or a tablet or smart phone in our hands it just makes sense to receive surf updates via SMS.

The alerts can be set for surf breaks around the world which means that this is a handy tool  when travelling also.  You could even get updates for your next surf trip to Costa RicaSurfline has specialized in providing live and predicted weather and wave information to surfers for years.  They are the best in the business at providing a surf report for most areas in the world and now you can always have the most current info on your local break sent right to your phone, tablet or computer.

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