spanish students learn to dance salsa

Watch our Spanish students learn to dance salsa during their lab at School of the World.

Study Spanish in Costa Rica and Dance Salsa

Our Spanish instructors know how to liven things up and make learning fun when you study Spanish in Costa Rica.  Below are a few shots of a recent group of Spanish students at School of the World as they learn to dance salsa during one of their labs.  There are daily labs which are optional for the students in addition to classes.

The labs are used to reinforce the lessons that the students cover in class.  Labs may be going to the market, preparing typical food, or salsa as you see here.  It is a fun and creative way for students to improve their Spanish.  Learning to speak a foreign language is about more than sitting in a classroom and memorizing countless words.  You have to use it, and when you are using it in a fun situation the language starts to flow.

Check back with us from time to time for more of a view into what our students are doing at the School of the World and a view into what you could be doing in a future visit.  We have had a great 2014 so far and the only thing missing is you!  Check out more about Spanish classes in Costa Rica 

salsa dancing in costa rica

apanish students dance salsa

learn to dance salsa in costa rica



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