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Learning yoga in Costa Rica is a great place to begin fighting stress.

Practice Yoga in Costa Rica: Learn how to Fight Stress

Even if you have never practiced yoga before I am sure that you are aware of the physical benefits that it offers.  But more importantly yoga is a very effective to help the body fight stress, which is probably more dangerous to your health than poor nutrition habits, lack of exercise and possibly even smoking.  Between work and family life stress is something that almost everybody deals with to some extent on a day to day basis and when it builds up it can be a killer.  If you have never tried it before, learning yoga in Costa Rica might be a good place to start.

What is Stress?

Stress is the way that the body reacts to any change requiring a response or adjustment.  This reaction can be physical, mental and emotional.  Our body is made to experience and react to a certain type and amount of stress.  Some stress is even good as it can keep one alert and able to avoid danger.  Stress becomes dangerous to the body when one faces it continuously without any relief and it causes tension to build.  When there is no relief from this continuous stress the body reacts negatively to stress causing a condition called distress.

How bad is Stress?

When stress is not dealt with or alleviated it can lead to health concerns ranging from slight discomfort to major illness.  I’m sure you have experienced some of these symptoms of stress yourself.  We all have from time to time.  Stress can cause upset stomach and digestive issues, chest pain, high blood pressure and insomnia.  If this is not dealt with and the stress continues to build up disease, stroke and heart attack are possible and can sometimes prove fatal.  Studies have shown that some 43% of adults suffer negative health effects from stress.  So, how do we deal with this stress?

Why Yoga is Effective

We can’t make stress go away so it is important to learn how to deal with it in a healthy manner.  Many times people try to deal with it in an unhealthy manner by means of alcohol, tobacco or drugs and this only tends to keep the body stressed and cause more problems.

Exercise in general increases the production of endorphins in the body which generally leads to a feeling of tranquility.  It can improve your mood and take your mind off of your troubles during the duration of your workout.  Yoga might be just the type of exercise you are looking for to alleviate the stress.

Although it can be a strenuous workout it is not just exercise.  Yoga offers a mind-body connection through stretching, controlled breathing and relaxation.  The strenuous workout is important but it is the wind down and relaxation that is most beneficial for stress.  The combinations of the physical and mental benefits that come from practicing yoga are extended beyond the mat in the sense of overall wellbeing and peace of mind.

Beyond the Yoga Mat

There are certainly poses that can easily be done outside of yoga class but space and the situation sometimes prevent this from being possible.  However, we have to breathe no matter where we are and this is where controlled breathing comes into play.  If you have never practiced slow rhythmic breathing before I can tell you it is difficult to feel stress when you are focused and your breath is controlled.  People who practice yoga get tuned in to this awareness and can use this tool at any time when things get to be just a little too much.

Costa Rica is a perfect place to get an introduction to yoga or to enjoy your practice while on vacation.  You can add yoga to any of the programs offered and start learning how to fight stress in your everyday life.  Check out the School of the World’s Yoga Program for more information.

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