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A photography workshop in Costa Rica offers some amazing locales and views as a background while honing your skills.

Photography Workshop Field Trip to Orotina, Costa Rica

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”  – Ansel Adams

When you take a Photography Workshop at School of the World Costa Rica, be prepared for an adventure beyond the classroom.  Instructor Carlos Sanchez knows the best little out of the way spots in the area and takes his students to some really spectacular spots for shooting photos.

This particular excursion was to Orotina, Costa Rica.  Orotina is a typical little town that is big on agriculture and produce.  There is so much nice produce that it seems like there is a little market every 100 feet or so.  Carlos encourages his students to interact the locals in a respectful manner, and they always seem to be pleased to be part of the class.  The instruction in these workshops is great, but the locations he shares with his students are priceless.

Photography student Costa Rica












photo class in Costa Rica













Student photos shoot Costa Rica


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