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G Love and Dan Bailey Tribe rock the house at a School of the World house party.

G Love and Dan Bailey Tribe Rock the House at School of the World

January was a busy month at the School of the World.  Zach and Natazha McDuffie were in town and Zach began several projects while also entertaining family.  His first project was a bit of a makeover of the garden area which culminated in a pre Jungle Jam/ birthday party for his lovely wife Natazha.  Check out 2014 Jungle Jam in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica for more info on this event.  This was an epic event and one of the best parties in the school’s history!

The entertainment for the evening was Dan Bailey and Lauren Chu of the Dan Bailey Tribe.  Dan Bailey has been a musician since he was 8 years old, writing his first song when he was 12.  With him on guitar and vocals and Lauren on drum, it was a night of really great music.  We even got a surprise visit from G Love, who played the Jungle Jam festival on Saturday night.  He sat in for a set on harmonica at the party and ended up inviting Dan to join him on stage at Jungle Jam the following night.

Dan Bailey solo guitar

It was a packed house of students, teachers, staff and many friends, both old and new.  The garden was transformed with cafe lights, Japanese lanterns, a small stage and a temporary tiki bar.  This is a very inviting area of the school and we will definitely have more events here in the future!  You always know the party is good if you can get them to dance, and dance they did.  Dan’s music is infectious and just makes you want to move your feet.

Student party at School of the World

So how did the School of the World get such great musicians as Dan, Lauren and G Love to play at our humble little locale?  Zach met Dan through a mutual musician friend, Samuel J, while filming and photographing an event called Burning Man in the U.S. back in August of 2013.  They made an immediate connection.  When Dan and Lauren’s travels brought them to Costa Rica, a visit to the school was inevitable.  The connection with G Love goes back a bit further.  Natazha has been friends with him for years and appeared in his video Hot Cooking back in the day.  Check out the video below to get a taste of his sound.

The party was a great success and everybody enjoyed themselves.  Our guests were stoked to have live music right here at the school and all of our friends from around town showed up as well.  We’ve decided to keep the stage and have more events like this in the future!

There will be more to come about the Dan Bailey Tribe soon.  Our crew shot a music video with them for their upcoming release Nothing to Prove using GoPro cameras exclusively.  It was a very hectic time as we had to shoot it all in less than a week,  but it was a whole lot of fun and we are very excited by the footage that we got.  Now Zach and Mark, our resident Hollywood film editing guru, are in the edit room putting it all together.

Dan Bailey Tribe and G Love jamming


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