street art Costa Rica

Recent Design Projects at School of the World

street art Costa Rica

We are always upgrading and improving the facilities and common areas at the School of the World so that we can continue to provide our guests with a once in a lifetime learning vacation in Costa Rica.  These walls have seen many coats of paint over the last 17 years, and with two artists on the scene, you never know what to expect.

Our most recent round of design projects left us with a lovely mural the length of the entire back wall of the school, a new look to the lounge area and a newly tiled pool deck.

students on pool deckThe pool deck has been retiled with a non-slip surface and more area added to accommodate more chairs and bodies.  Students anxiously awaited while the pool was closed and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  It has been an extremely busy year and we had to take advantage of a slight lull.  All the students seem to be enjoying the new pool area and it is quite the happening spot between classes these days.

As I mentioned in a blog post a couple of months back, we have also redone the lounge/ hangout area at the school.  You can read new lounge for our guests at School of the Worldall about this at New Lounge Area at the School.  The students are really enjoying our Monday and Friday night mixers.  Stay tuned as there will be much more coming about the lounge area in the not too distant future.  Our plans are to have more events and gatherings and share school generated content on the new flat screen on the wall.  Along with school generated content we will also have the capability to watch surf contests, surf movies and events such as the upcoming World Cup.

We continually strive to improve our guests’ experiences while visiting us for learning vacations in Costa Rica.  We are looking forward to busy and fun filled summer and the only thing missing from these photos is you!  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook andTwitter!




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