hangout area at the school of the world

New Lounge Area at the School

We are proud to announce the new lounge area at the School of the World Costa Rica.  The outside area in the front of the school has always been a popular hangout spot and recently we have made it much more comfortable.  It also looks a lot nicer and there is a big screen TV on the wall for school generated content and special events. With the new lounge area we have recently started having a meet and greet on Monday nights and another gathering on Friday nights to say goodbye to our guests who are leaving the next day. We are currently figuring out the technology to have as much school generated content as possible.  So far the students are enjoying the surf videos and the surf footage of our students a few times a week. This area has been one of the focal points of the school since it began.  It has gone through a lot of different colors and looks but it is still the main gathering spot for our guests.  So we figured it was time to spruce things up again and make it a little more comfortable this time.  We are only getting started and expect to have a lot of fun events here in the future.  We are easing into it slowly but there will soon be fresh, healthy drinks and light snacks available.  I hope you enjoy this little preview of the lounge and that you will be joining us there in the future! hangout area at the school of the world after class at school of the world students in the new lounge Meet and greet at the school


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