SOTW Spanish school in Costa Rica

Spanish school in Costa with options for surfing, yoga, photography and GoPro programs.

More than just a Costa Rica Spanish School

A Costa Rica Spanish School is a great way to spend a vacation but how does one go about choosing among the many options that are available?  Obviously you want to find a quality language school that has a proven track record of satisfied guests.  Quite frankly, you will find a lot of fine Spanish schools here in Costa Rica.  But you won’t find many, if any, that offer you the options that School of the World does.  In addition to Spanish you can take classes in Surfing, Yoga and Photography.  Guests can also now take workshops on the popular GoPro camera.

The School of the World has been offering Spanish programs since 1997 with surfing being added a couple of years later.  It has always been the school’s objective to have programs that stand on their own.  There are a number of Spanish schools that offer surf as an afterthought and there are quite a few surf camps and schools that offer Spanish lessons on the side. Here you will find qualified staff giving instruction in each program.

Spanish School

Spanish is the cornerstone of the school and as such the program and lessons are always being added to and updated.  The instructors are very qualified and make the classes interesting and fun with trips to the local markets, cooking native dishes and tagging along with the photography classes to culturally inspiring locales.  There are classes for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced speaker.  We will be introducing you to instructors Laura and Lu real soon in our upcoming meet the staff series.  In addition to the classes there is a daily lab included to reiterate the various lessons of the day.

Surf School

The surf program is as solid as any you will find in Costa Rica.  All the instructors are well qualified and generally really good surfers.  But the number one concern always on their minds is safety.  It starts with warming up and giving tips not only on how to surf but on etiquette as well.  When in the water the surf instructors make sure to keep an eye on each surfer in the class, seeing that all are safe and spread out so as to prevent accidents.  Thorough instruction is given on the beach before even setting foot in the water.  Although you might be eager to head straight to the water, the lesson on how to handle your board and pop up on the beach will get you on your feet much quicker.  For advanced surfers the surf staff will guide you to more challenging surf in the best spots depending on the current swell.

SOTW surf school Costa Rica

Photography Program

I have recently been sitting in on the photography classes and will talk more about this when featuring photography instructor Carlos Sanchez.  For now let me just say that the classes are very well thought out and are suitable for total beginners like myself as well as advanced photographers.  Carlos is great with general knowledge of the camera and also has specific tips for shooting in the climate and situations where he takes his classes.  This is a very practical program to add to Spanish, surfing or on its own.  You will be amazed at how your photography improves and will go home with some great photos.  This will be beneficial for any vacations or trips in the future.


You can also destress or get your stretch on while visiting Costa Rica.  Yoga instructors Alejandra, Catalina and Rachel offer classes that can best be described as a vinyasa flow.  Classes consist of complete beginners as well as advanced yogis.  There is always a variation or modification to the asanas (poses) so that all can practice together in one class.  Safety and correct form are important and the teachers will correct you to avoid pain or injury.  This can be a great start to energize the day or a nice way to wind down in the evening.

SOTW Yoga Costa Rica

GoPro Workshop

The GoPro program is the most recent added to the mix at the School of the World.  The program was developed by photography instructor Carlos Sanchez and film industry professional Mark Hopkins.  The GoPro is all the rage right now and it is amazing what can actually be done with this tiny camera.  The school’s GoPro course will teach you how to use all of the features of the camera while showing you tricks and techniques that the pros use.  This is a great combination to take with surfing.

SOTW Gopro workshop Costa Rica

Why take just one?

As mentioned before all the various programs stand alone as far as quality goes.  Every course has been developed with the highest standards to give guests an experience they won’t forget.  Besides offering students the opportunity to take an additional course besides Spanish, the variety of courses is perfect for couples or groups coming to visit who might not have the exact same interests.

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