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School of the World Costa Rica would like to introduce you to the staff beginning with Photography workshop instructor Carlos Sanchez.

Meet the Staff – Photography Instructor Carlos Sanchez

School of the World Costa Rica is much more than the classes offered and the accommodations for lodging.  The heart of the school is our fantastic staff, and today we begin a series introducing the instructors and general staff to you.  Today we focus on Carlos Sanchez, who is the instructor for all the photography workshops and classes at the school.  He assisted in creating the new GoPro program and will be teaching this also.  I recently sat in on his photography class so I have a little personal perspective on the subject.  I can tell you that I have never come in contact with anyone as passionate about photography as Carlos.  And that passion shows in both his photos and his teaching.

General Background

Originally from Costa Rica and now living on the central Pacific in Playa Jaco, Carlos has a variety of interests and expertise when it comes to art.  He has studied photography in Costa Rica, Mexico and New York City and has made independent art exhibitions in each.  In addition to photography Carlos is quite the painter and displays his talents on canvas, as well as on walls and buildings.  In addition to his traditional art studies in Costa Rica he is also an accomplished graffiti artist.  As if he were not busy enough with photography classes and his own shoots, Carlos has also been a surf instructor and the School of the World for the past 8 years.

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Influences and Interests

It always tells you a lot about an artist when they tell you who their influences are.  For art Carlos mentioned being influenced by artists such as Joan Miro, J.M. Basquiat and Banksy.  The last two are graffiti artists.  If you are not familiar with graffiti as an expression of art I would suggest checking it out.  These artists do some really amazing things with spray paint and a wall as their canvas.  And Carlos has done some pretty amazing work himself.  As for photography influences Carlos lists Travis Hartman, Red Dog and Michael Burnette as his top choices.

In addition to his artistic interests Carlos is an avid skateboarder, loves motorcycles and enjoys playing guitar.  He has done some very creative video work with skateboarders in the area and the projects have turned out just like a skateboarder was doing the filming, which was the case.  Carlos music interests are varied as I find is usually the case with artists of whatever variety.  He listens to rock and roll, blues, jazz, Latin breaks, salsa and ska.

Carlos’ Classes

As I mentioned before I had the pleasure of taking Carlos’ class for two weeks last month.  As an instructor he is very knowledgeable about photography and teaches even the more complicated subjects in a manner that is easy to understand, even for a novice like me.  He is good about spreading his time among all his students and is right there to offer tips when students are shooting on the many field trips that are part of the Photography Program.  It is definitely more than a job for Carlos.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know the family at the School of the World Costa Rica.  I did an interview a couple of months back with one of our lovely yoga instructors, Alejandra Torres.  You can get to know her from the post, One of the best Yoga instructors in Costa Rica, Alejandra Torres.  If you have already visited I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the staff takes the various learning vacation programs, adds a little spice, and turns your vacation into the experience of a lifetime.

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