Learning GoPro in Costa Rica

Learning GoPro in Costa Rica at School of the World would be great for your next vacation..

Learning the GoPro Hero 3 in Costa Rica

As I’ve mentioned before, one big perk of this job is being able to learn a lot of the cool stuff that is taught at the School of the World.  I took the photography class several months back which did wonders for my photos so recently I decided it’s time to take advantage of the expertise and share the experience of  Learning the GoPro Hero 3 in Costa Rica.  Like most things I originally thought that I would just download the manual and figure it all out on my own.  But after watching GoPro instructor Carlos Sanchez, owner Zach McDuffie and seeing what students were accomplishing in as little as a week I decided I should take advantage of the expertise around me.

I haven’t been able to sit in on a class yet but I have already received a crash course on some of the basics.  Believe me; getting some basic instruction just on the buttons and settings probably saved me several months of struggling on my own.  I like the fact that I have an LCD Touch Backpac to play with here.  It makes it much easier for an old guy like me to be able to see what he is doing.  I can do it through the screen on the front of the camera but that entails taking out the reading glasses.

I feel fairly comfortable on the settings but it won’t hurt to have a refresher when I get to do the course here at the school.  When I say comfortable I mean that on the most elementary level.  I know where the settings are but I am definitely not a pro by any means.  I can’t wait to learn more because the little I have learned has showed me that you can really do some cool stuff with this tiny little camera.  So far I’ve played around with different resolutions on both the video and still photo setting.  A couple of weeks ago I put the camera in the yoga room and shot with the time lapse setting which made for some interesting footage.  All of these things are something I would know nothing about if I were trying to figure out this camera on my own.

Already I am able to do a lot with my camera and can only imagine the possibilities.  Having worked with Zach and Carlos on a couple of projects I have also learned a lot about how close or far away from my subjects I need to be for various affects.  It would have probably taken me many months of experimentation to figure out that for many shots you have to get right up on your subject.  Another valuable little tip that Zach showed me was that the camera could be set to a wide, medium or narrow setting.  Knowing this can prevent distortion with certain types of photos and videos.

If you only learned what I have learned so far it would be well worth Learning GoPro in Costa Rica at School of the World.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  You are going to learn so much more.  As I learn more about my GoPro from Carlos and eventually sit in on the course I will follow up on exciting and cool things I have learned to do.  Believe me, once you get your hands on this little camera and learn just a trick or two, you are going to be hooked.




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