learning spanish at the farmer's market

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is not all about sitting in a classroom . Spanish labs are a fun and practical way to learn the language.

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica with Fun Labs

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is not all about sitting in a classroom and memorizing countless words, verbs and concepts.  This would get boring rather quickly and also is not the most practical approach to learning another language.  Our Spanish instructors are very good at keeping it interesting with their classes and get quite creative with the supplemental Spanish labs.  The labs are scheduled each day in addition to class, with their purpose to reinforce the current Spanish lessons.  I have tagged along on a couple of recent labs and can understand why our Spanish students love the program and rave about their teachers. The recent labs that I have observed have been food related and these seem to be two of the students’ favorite types of labs.  Below are photos of a recent group being shown how to prepare and cook some typical Costa Rican dishes.  Students learn the Spanish names of all the ingredients they are using while conversing and asking questions in Spanish.  In addition to the Spanish learned, the typical food is a great way for visitors to get to know the real Costa Rican culture. Cooking Spanish Lab in Costa Rica students cooking for spanish class in costa rica Costa Rica Spanish teacher Lucia

Another popular lab with our guests learning Spanish in Costa Rica is a Friday trip to the weekly farmer’s market.  Vendors congregate on the south end of Jaco with some of the freshest and most colorful fruits and vegetables you have ever seen.  Our lovely Spanish instructors point out the various produce and teach their students what each item is called in Spanish.  They speak Spanish with the students while showing them and the students get to practice by asking vendors prices and various questions about the produce.  Practical application can’t be beat when it comes to learning a foreign language.

spanish students at Jaco farmer's market

Costa Rica coconut water

Costa Rica agua de pipa

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica, or anywhere for that matter, is about learning the things that are important in day to day life and being able to interact and communicate with people.  Learning and practicing in real life settings reinforces and strengthens the lessons from the classroom relating to rules, grammar and vocabulary.  People seem to learn quicker when they are having fun and the School of the World labs are surely that.



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