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To learn Spanish in Costa Rica would be a great way to spend your next vacation.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica at SOTW

Have you ever thought about learning a second language, but just never made the time to actually do it?  To learn Spanish in Costa Rica would be a great way to spend your next vacation.  School of the World offers you the opportunity to learn this valuable skill in a beautiful locale while also learning to surf, do yoga or take digital photography.

Learning Spanish is More than Sitting in a Classroom

I remember when I was in university and studying a foreign language.  It mostly consisted of the teacher going over a dry lesson plan everyday and the students doing lots of memorization.  There was not a whole lot of interaction or application of what we were learning.  As such, we knew lots of meaningless words but weren’t even remotely able to speak the language.  To actually learn a language it is necessary to get out of the classroom and use what you have learned in real life settings.  The teachers at the School of the World do just that by getting creative with optional labs such as going to the market, cooking traditional food and learning to dance salsa while conversing with each other in the Spanish they have learned.

Opportunity to Practice Outside of Class

When you learn Spanish in Costa Rica you are exposed to people all around you with whom you can practice.  What better way to learn Spanish than in a country that speaks the language?  Everywhere you turn is an opportunity to practice what you have learned in real life situations.  Going to the store, eating in a restaurant, hanging out in a bar, or out in the surf are all great places to speak Spanish and make local friends.

Learn More than Spanish

As mentioned before, at School of the World you have the chance to take other interesting classes in addition to learning Spanish.  Learning to surf is somthing that many people have on their bucket list and I can’t think of a better place to check that one off than here in Costa Rica.  In the Jaco area we enjoy warm waters and consistent surf year round.  Want to do something good for your body, mind and spirit?  Yoga might be just what you are looking for.  Or maybe take digital photography and improve your skills so that you can bring back better photos from future vacations.  The choice is yours.

Meet Interesting People and Make Friends from around the World

The vibe at the school is very friendly and conducive to making friends.  Guests usually take away friendships with both the staff and fellow travelers.  The students go out to eat together, organize potlucks and hit the town in groups to enjoy the busy nightlife.  The staff is good about letting them know what is going on in town and will end up joining them quite often.  After a couple of days you would think that many of our groups have known each other for years.

Spring break is almost here and summer is just around the corner.  This just might be the year for you to take a learning vacation and learn Spanish in Costa Rica.  It doesn’t matter if you are single, coming with family or part of a group.  You will be surprised how much you will learn in a short amount of time and how much fun you will have while doing it.  Travel in itself is the best education possible and when you combine this with a cultural experience such as learning a language, you won’t be disappointed.

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