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Our new GoPro classes will teach you how to take advantage of all of the features of these great little cameras, showing you the same techniques and tricks the pros use to get the “money” shots. We are the first year-round GoPro school for travelers, sponsored by GoPro.

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For your inner action hero

The compact, durable, and affordable GoPro cameras have taken action photography and video by storm. Strap them on a helmet, mount them on a surfboard, bike, car or any other type of vehicle on land or in the water and document the story of your inner action hero.

School of the World partnered directly with GoPro and a seasoned Hollywood filmmaking expert to create this program.


"Our passions lead us to create experiences and realities that expand our world and inspire those around us."

- Nicholas Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro

GoPro Classes- Find a New Point of View

Over 2 million GoPro cameras were sold last year, but most people that own them barely scratch the surface of learning what these great little cameras are capable of. That’s where we come in. Your friends will be amazed (and envious) when you start sharing your professional quality adventure photos and videos. Don’t have a GoPro camera yet? No problem, if you sign up for our GoPro program you can borrow one of our cameras! 



Our GoPro classes meet for aprox. 2 hours per day, Mon-Fri, and alternates between lessons and practice on campus, trips to shoot in the field, and editing in our digital darkroom using GoPro Studio and Adobe Premiere. You will learn shooting techniques, camera settings, how to use different mounts, dollies, and accessories, time lapse, speed ramping, and more. We suggest the two week program if you have time, because it allows for more time to learn editing techniques. Check out this GoPro music video that guests Dan Bailey and Lauren Chu made while at School of the World, it was featured as GoPro’s video of the day and landed them a gig on a travel TV show!



Focus… It’s time to choose

The GoPro course can be combined with any of our other programs.

  • GoPro + Surfing

    Perfect your surfing and take home the proof.

    What's included?
    GoPro + Surfing

    Not only will you catch great waves, but you will document your Costa Rica adventures to share with all of your friends. Surf sessions are 2 hours a day (M-F), and GoPro classes are 2 hours each day (M-F) with some additional lab time (editing).  It is recommended that you stay 2 weeks or longer if you want to learn more advanced video editing.

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  • GoPro + Photography

    Take this combo if you are serious about improving your camera skills.

    What's included?
    GoPro + Photography

    Bringing a DSLR and a GoPro to document your Costa Rica adventure? Our instructors not only know how to get the most out of your cameras, they also know all the best shoot local spots to shoot. This combo maximizes your time for shooting on location and getting help with editing.  

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  • GoPro + Yoga

    Take the creative and healthy vacation that you have been dreaming about.

    What's included?
    GoPro + Yoga

    This is one of our newest combos. Good for your mind, body, and soul, you will practice yoga daily and creatively tell your own story through the lens. GoPro classes meet 2 hours a day and Yoga classes meet for 1.5 hours per day, M-F.  

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*GoPro classes are available 1,2,3 and 4 week durations.


Our beautiful facility has free Wi-Fi for our guests, a shared kitchen and dining area, 12 guestrooms, outdoor lounge, pool, garden, and lots of great spots to hang out and relax. It is located in a quiet neighborhood close to the center of town and is just a few minutes walk from the beach, dozens of great restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and everything else you could need.

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How it Works

Never been on a learning vacation? Learning something new is the ultimate souvenir; it outlasts the usual vacation sunburns, bug bites, and hangovers, and makes the experience stay with you forever. Here is how it works:

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    1. 1. Select the programs, lodging, and dates that work for you.
    2. 2. Make a reservation and pay your deposit.
    3. 3. Book your ticket and pack your bags. (Celebration dance optional!) We can also help arrange your transportation from the airport to our facility.
  • get schooled read more »
    1. 1. Arrive and settle in. Ahhhh, tropical paradise.
    2. 2. Take classes in a relaxed and friendly environment.
    3. 3. Benefit from the local knowledge of our staff that treats you like family.
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    1. 1. Socialize and make new friends with like-minded travelers from around the world.
    2. 2. Settle in to the "Pura Vida" lifestyle, with local restaurants, markets, bars, and beach all just walking distance from your doorstep.
    3. 3. Plan to extend your stay, because you won't want to say goodbye!
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Kind Words

Having hosted guests of all walks of life from over 40 countries over the last 16 years, we have a great reputation and history. We are recommended by the top travel experts and publications- but who better to tell you about us than your fellow travelers? Take a look at what people have to say about their experiences at School of the World:

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  • “My experience at The School of the World was priceless. It was full of laughter, sun, and great people. It was magical. Straight-up better than anything Disney has to offer 6 year olds. You should go there and make some of the best memories of your life.”

    - Lindsay, Kansas
    Surf and Yoga retreat Costa Rica
  • “I was heading off on my first solo travel adventure, armed with a whole load of enthusiasm and next to zero Spanish… Laura, my Spanish instructor, was fantastic and managed to get the girl who couldn’t do languages to a point where travelling and chatting was easy and fun! The school gave me the confidence and the necessary tools to have the adventure of a lifetime.”

    - Hannah, London, UK
    Spanish School Costa Rica
  • “The founders and staff of SOTW have created such an incredible and unique opportunity for travelers. The vibe cultivated between students was perhaps the most memorable thing. The 18 of us, from ten different countries and spanning a couple of decades in age, felt like one big chilled-out, respectful family the entire time. So cool.”

    - Mike, New York
    School of the World Costa Rica
  • “School of the World is a wonderfully unique concept. A beautifully designed place of learning where surfing, Spanish, photography and yoga all coexist. Every day is packed with as much or as little activity as you want and your fellow students are friendly and adventurous spirits from all over the world.”

    - Mark, South Africa
  • “The whole concept of this school is one of a kind. This was truly a wonderful experience. The staff was very helpful and very nice. I have taken surfing and yoga, since I am very active person. If you want to meet wonderful people, learn something new and have fun than this is the place to be. Highly recommend to everyone.”

    - Iva, Prague, Czech Republic
    surf and yoga camp Costa Rica
  • “I booked SOTW because I was traveling alone and through the reviews I felt it would be a safe place to stay at especially since I’m a girl. At the last minute my girlfriend came with and all I have to say is WE HAD A BLAST!! I went for the surfing classes, it being one of those bucket list type of things for me. The staff is friendly, the instructors were awesome, and the school itself is simply breathtakingly beautiful.”

    - Ginji, Miami, FL
    School of the World students

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