Yoga Vacation Costa Rica

A Costa Rica yoga vacation is a great way to enhance your experience at the School of the World.

Costa Rica Yoga Vacation

Costa Rica Yoga for relaxingA Costa Rica Yoga Vacation is a great way to enhance your experience at the School of the World.  Yoga can be combined with Spanish, Surfing, Photography or GoPro and it doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced yogi.  Whichever choice you make yoga is a great way to either start or finish an active day in paradise.  As Jaco is a surf town, and surf is an option at the school, yoga classes are scheduled based on the high tide.  Our yoga instructors enjoy working with all levels of yoga practitioners and all classes are suitable for everyone.

Yoga and surfing are a great combination

Yoga is wonderful for everyone, and our guests combine it with all of our programs, but they find it especially beneficial and enjoyable when combining it with yoga.  There is no better way to stretch it out and relieve sore muscles after two hours of paddling in the ocean.  Many of our guests who come for surf and yoga swear by it and tell us that they find themselves able to bounce back quicker and be ready for their next surf session.

You just can’t beat yoga in Costa Rica

I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is nothing like practicing yoga in a setting like Costa Rica.  One thing I notice when practicing yoga in the school are the various sounds that fill the studio during class.  Whether it is a heavy patter of rain or the sweet song of some of the local birds, there is always a natural soundtrack playing in the background.  It is something that I can’t quite explain, but just being in Costa Rica seems to put students into a relaxed mood that is only enhanced by a hot, challenging yoga class.  Unlike back home in many circumstances, students minds don’t have to contend with stressed out thoughts from their normal day to day activity.  They can just show up for class and let go in class with nothing to cloud the mind or interfere.

There is no better way to relax on vacation than yoga

One of the main objectives for many people on vacation is to relax.  Life is full of appointments, deadlines and drama which build up accumulated tension in the body.  Think of it as big knots that form in various parts of the body and yoga as the masseur/ masseuse that works those knots out and restores the body to it’s natural, relaxed state.  One that practices yoga will understand exactly what I’m talking about.  And someone who has never practiced before will be most likely hooked.  Many of our former guests have mentioned starting a regular yoga practice after returning home.  For them, their experience at the school was the gift that keeps on giving.

When considering your next getaway you should definitely include a Costa Rica yoga vacation on the short list.  Although I might be biased, I can’t imagine a place better than the School of the World to introduce yourself to this wonderful form of health, exercise, peace and relaxation.  Our yoga instructors Alejandra, Catalina and Rachel will all push you to your limit (safely of course and based on individual capabilities) but they also understand the true meaning of yoga goes beyond asana (yoga poses).  They always stress the breathing, relaxation and letting go aspect of yoga as well as the physical.  Vacation time is precious so make it count.  It might just be a vacation that impacts the rest of your life.  Learn more about Yoga Vacations in Costa Rica.

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