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The weather is perfect right now to learn how to surf at a Costa Rica Surf Camp.

Costa Rica Surf Camp at School of the World

School of the World’s Costa Rica Surf Camp has been teaching students how to surf for 15 years and there is a reason that the surfing program is successful and continues to grow year after year.  All the surf instructors are highly qualified, love what they do, and have a thorough process that they follow with each session.  Let’s take a look at that process below.

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It all starts on the beach.  Your instructors are more easily able to show you the proper technique for standing up on land because it is not moving around under you.  That will come soon enough.  After showing you proper form they will have you do it over and over a number of times until you have the feel of what you need to do in the water.

Surfing in Costa Rica with SOTW


Once you are in the water it is going to be much more difficult than what you practiced on land.  But if you remember and stick to what your instructors taught you, then you should be on your feet in no time.  In the beginning they are right there next to you and at times will give just that extra bit of push to propel you into the wave.

Surf in Costa Rica with SOTW


Before you know it, everything comes together and you catch that first wave that you really ride for a distance.  Be very careful!  Because from that moment on you are hooked!

Learn to surf in Costa Rica with SOTW


It is a step by step process that you will pick up much quicker when you have a qualified surf instructor to show you the ropes.  Right now is an absolutely fantastic time of the year to come to a Costa Rica Surf Camp to learn to surf.  The skies are blue everyday and the water is clear and warm.  The size of the waves in the Costa Rican summer is perfect for beginners.  So, what are you waiting for?


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