Studying at a Costa Rica Spanish School can help you on your way to becoming bilingual.

Costa Rica Spanish School for Bilingual Mastery

With travel and the internet the world is a much smaller place today and being bilingual is a skill that is going to become increasingly more beneficial.  A Costa Rica Spanish School is a great place to start learning a second language or to take your Spanish skills to the next level.  Besides the advantages that come from being able to communicate in a second language studies show that being bilingual also has a positive effect on cognitive abilities.

Let’s take a look at some reasons to get on the road to bilingual mastery at a Costa Rica Spanish School.

Improves Career Opportunities

Being proficient in a second language will give you a variety of opportunities in the job market.  Companies are increasingly looking for bilingual workers whether they are doing business overseas or trying to market to a particular group of people at home.  In the United States English and Spanish are particularly in demand as Latinos comprise the country’s largest minority group.  In the tough economy we face today having a skill such as a second language is a big plus and employers are willing to pay big for this skill.  Employers tend to pay bilingual employees between 5 and 20 percent more than a position would normally pay.

Understanding Different Cultures

Being bilingual offers a special understanding and access to a culture that is somewhat of a mystery to someone who does not speak the language.  Being able to understand a culture leads to greater tolerance of people with different customs and beliefs.  Of course you can always read or listen to translations but this is not quite the same as being able to understand history, stories, literature and music in the language of a culture.

International Travel

Being bilingual definitely makes international travel much more enjoyable and easier.  It can be difficult to deal with people when you don’t speak the language.  Being able to arrange a hotel room and order meals in the language of the country you are visiting will earn you more respect from locals and make the travel experience much more enjoyable.  Often when you can effectively communicate with locals you will find yourself getting better prices and inside knowledge of a particular area not usually shared with travelers that don’t speak the language.

Improved Brain Function

Bilingual people develop an ability to think more creatively and flexibly most likely due to the fact that they have two or more words to express each idea and object around them.  They generally have better attention and can multitask better than individuals that speak only one language.  Researchers have also found that bilingual seniors experience fewer declines in cognitive function.  Being bilingual can also help protect against illnesses that speed up this decline like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

A Costa Rica Spanish School is a great place to start on the road to becoming bilingual.  Ticos, as Costa Ricans are known, are extremely friendly people and love to share their country as well as their language.  If you are travelling from North America Costa Rica is a short journey and airline tickets are relatively cheap.  Learning a second language could open doors and present opportunities but at the very least you will learn a skill that will be useful for life.

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