Studying Spanish in Costa Rica

There are many more than 5 reasons to study Spanish at School of the World in Costa Rica, but this is a good start.

5 Reasons to Study Spanish at School of the World in Costa Rica

There are many good schools where you can study Spanish in Costa Rica.  Just do a search on Google and you will find various schools in every part of the country from San Jose to the beaches, and everywhere in between.  So what distinguishes School of the World in Playa Jaco from the rest?  They have been setting new standards for creative study abroad since 1997.  The school is built on the foundation of a quality Spanish program and over the years has added various programs to cater to our students’ interests.  Here are just a few of the reasons to consider School of the World if you are planning to visit Costa Rica to study Spanish.

Four Additional Programs to Choose From

Besides a quality Spanish program, School of the World offers their guests the option of combining this with Surfing, Yoga, Digital Photography or our new GoPro program.  This is perfect for individuals that want to stay busy and make the most of their vacation time in Costa Rica as well as couples or groups travelling together.  The school has hosted many couples and groups that have chosen their programs because of the fact that they could choose different programs in one location for their vacation.

Quality Staff

The staff is comprised of professionals that truly love what they do.  They are passionate about their particular fields of expertise and love sharing Costa Rica with their students.  The Spanish teachers work hard to make sure students are actually learning to speak Spanish in different settings.  In addition to the classroom, teachers teach through taking students to the local markets, preparing typical food in the kitchen discussing aspects of local culture.  The surf instructors are a crew of qualified local surfers.  While they are great teachers their number one priority is safety first.  The yoga instructors are all very devoted practitioners who are skilled at teaching classes that are comprised of students of different levels.  As for the photography and GoPro teacher, Carlos, you can witness his expertise through many of the photos and videos on the website.  Check back soon for a blog post featuring photos from his students to see how well this knowledge is conveyed to the students.

Happy Guests

School of the World has hosted thousands of guests since 1997 and it never gets old to hear former students comment that they had the trip of their life visiting us in Costa Rica.  Besides being happy with our programs and facilities many friendships have been forged over the years.  And there are quite a few students that have visited the school multiple times over the years which speaks volumes.  You can read what actual guests have to say about their experience at School of the World on Trip Advisor.


The school is a true melting pot having hosted students from all over the world.  Besides students of different nationalities there is also a wide variety of ages and people from all walks of life.  While visiting the school recently I met guests from at least five different countries.  There were students in their early 20’s as well as some yoga students in their 40’s and 50’s.  The school has gotten more than their share of seniors up and surfing, so there is never a reason to think you might be too old to fit in here.


There is also no reason to fret about taking a trip alone to study Spanish at School of the World Costa Rica.  The vibe is very friendly.  Almost from the beginning students start to prepare food together, go out in the evenings and even arrange weekend trips during their stay.  The staff is great for giving guests the down low on what is available in the area and can point you in the direction of many interesting attractions during your free time.  There are many comfortable common areas for the students to hang out and get to know each other when not in class.  The point is that even if you come alone you won’t be lonely, that’s for sure.

Read more for yourself about the Spanish program and the combinations that you can make with other programs on the site and join the thousands of former students who have joined us to study Spanish in Costa Rica.



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