Costa Rica Surf Camp Now

Those not ready to trade in their swimsuits for bulky coats should book their spot at a Costa Rica surf camp now.

5 Reasons to Attend Surf School in Costa Rica Now

For those living north of the equator, it’s that time of year when the leaves begin to turn, the mercury starts to drop and you can’t help but feeling a bit sad as you watch those last days of summer grow smaller and smaller until they disappear in in the rear-view mirror.

But those not ready to trade in their swimsuits for bulky coats might want to plan on purchasing a plane ticket.

Read on for five reasons why you should book your spot at a surf school in Costa Rica now.

Amazing weather. We alluded to it in the intro, but Costa Rica really does have stellar weather all year round. While the northern hemisphere is beginning to experience a chill, summer is right around the corner here. Costa Rica’s rainy season—also known as the “green season” due to the lush landscape during this time of year—runs from May until the end of November. While precipitation may be slightly up (the “dry season” still sees rain, just a bit less), temperatures are more moderate (read: less sweltering and more comfortable) than in the summer months, which begin in December.

Better waves. In October and November, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica generally experiences increased swells and bigger, faster waves. On the Caribbean side of the country, surfers can find the best waves starting in November and lasting all the way through May. Costa Rica is also home to several beaches that experience consistent breaks year-round, making attending surfing camp in Costa Rica a good idea any time of year.

Fewer crowds. The dry season—also known as summer—starts in December and marks the beginning of the high season. Travelers who head to Costa Rica now have the benefit of off-season prices and fewer tourist crowds.

Cultural calendar. Take in some of the local culture by planning your trip to Costa Rica to coincide with some of the country’s seasonal festivals. All Souls Day (Dia de los Mueros) is celebrated countrywide on November 2nd. Visitors who stick around for the beginning of the summer season in December shouldn’t miss El Tope and Carnival (December 26th and 27th) in San Jose when the streets are flooded with horses and their riders, carnival floats, marching bands and street dancers. The last week of December is the Festejos Populares in San Jose, when bullfights and carnival rides set up at the fairgrounds in Zapote.

Fresh produce. As we said, Costa Rica is experiencing its “green season” right now, which means there are tons of delicious fruits available. Some of the exotic delights available now include mangosteen, starfruit, cacao, rambutan, mabola and jocote. Most towns have weekly farmers markets (called ferias) where you can purchase seasonal fruits for prices below what you’d see in grocery stores.

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