GoPro Course

Learning GoPro in Costa Rica with SOTW

Have you ever dreamed of filming and making your own movies?  In the past you would have needed a cumbersome, expensive camera and some fancy editing software but with the technology these days it is affordable and not as difficult as you might think.  You can learn GoPro in Costa Rica and become quite proficient in a fairly short time with our new course at School of the World.  Combine lush, beautiful scenery with a plethora of action sports and activities and you have the perfect setting for learning and using this amazing little camera.  A perk of working at School of the World is being able to take our various courses.  I will be taking the GoPro course beginning next week so thought this was a perfect time to start doing a series on GoPro.  We will be sharing how to videos, tips on using your GoPro and examples of videos that can be made using this powerful little camera.

GoPro Costa Rica with Carlos

How well do you know your GoPro?

This tiny little camera is packed with potential and most users have only a small understanding of what they are capable of doing.  A quick course with someone who knows the camera will save you countless hours of learning every function of the camera on your own.  There are a lot of functions and and tricks that I had no idea existed and probably wouldn’t have without the help of our wonderful GoPro instructor Carlos.  Believe me; he showed me 3 or 4 functions that expanded my capabilities immensely.

What better setting for GoPro than Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers more action adventure options than I can mention.  Whether it is dancing across the face of a wave, zooming through the jungle on a zipline or looking into the mouth of a monster crocodile Costa Rica has unlimited photo and video opportunities.  The added bonus is that you get to shoot your video in some of the most lush, beautiful scenery imaginable.  Add that to a bit of instruction and your friends will be amazed at the quality and professionalism of your videos from your experience in Costa Rica.

Learning to edit your GoPro footage.

You’ve got all this amazing footage so now what do you do with it?  Our instructors use both GoPro Studio and Adobe Premiere for editing in our digital darkroom.  I have been working with Premiere for the last six months or so and am excited to see the possibilities with GoPro Studio.  I am pretty impressed with the little I can do so far but can’t even imagine figuring out the camera and editing software on my own.

GoPro shooting techniques and accessories.

Shooting with a GoPro takes a little getting used to and you will be much happier with your footage after learning a few new techniques.  I learned quite quickly that you generally are not as close to your subject through the eyes of the camera as you think.  As you learn your camera’s settings and functions, as well as shooting techniques, your creative juices will start to flow and your imagination will take over.  Let’s not forget the accessaries.  There are mounts for your head, for your chest, for your surfboard, bike and almost any other place you can imagine.  Mounts are a big part of getting the amazing shots that you see in the top GoPro videos online.  The GoPro instructors will show you many of the popular mounts and will giving you a few ideas for rigging from materials you have around the house.

Learning GoPro in Costa Rica while on vacation makes perfect sense.  You have the time away from your daily routine to focus on learning, shooting video and editing.  Your instructor will expose you to daily opportunities to get amazing footage and you will literally see things to shoot around every corner.  One of our most popular combinations is GoPro paired with our surfing course.  You can mount a camera on your board and/ or wear an attachment on your wrist to capture the waves and then make your own surf movie with the new editing tricks you learn.  If you have a GoPro you absolutely have to learn what this camera is capable of and if you don’t already have a GoPro get ready to become addicted.


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